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T3 Bankstown Line future transport strategy closures

Significant train changes for Birrong and Yagoona.

T3 Bankstown Line future transport strategy closures

From mid-2024 and 2025 onwards

What is happening

Transport for NSW is introducing a new timetable from mid-2024 and in 2025 as part of Sydney Metro City & Southwest integration with the Sydney Trains Network.

How this affects you

T3 Bankstown Line closure from mid-2024

  • Work will take place to convert the T3 Line between Sydenham and Bankstown into metro standards.

  • Buses will replace trains between Sydenham and Birrong.

  • Commuters are advised to catch a rail replacement bus to Lidcombe for connecting trains to City Circle.

  • Please remember to tap on and tap off when boarding and alighting from buses.

  • While replacement buses will use existing bus infrastructure where possible, please be aware that on-street parking may be limited near the replacement bus stops.

For travel between Bankstown and Lidcombe, use replacement bus routes:

  • 8T3 All stops between Bankstown and Lidcombe, including Birrong and Yagoona.

  • 8AT3 Express: Bankstown and Lidcombe only.

Modified T3 Bankstown Line from 2025

  • Sydney Metro City & Southwest is scheduled to commence passenger operations in mid-late 2025.

  • The T3 Line west of Bankstown will continue as Sydney Trains between Bankstown and Lidcombe only.

  • Commuters are advised to catch the train to Lidcombe for connecting trains to City Circle.

  • Commuters are advised to catch the train to Regents Park for connecting trains to Liverpool.

  • Commuters are advised to catch the train to Bankstown to interchange for metro services to Sydenham for connecting trains to Redfern.

We understand these works can impact you and your neighbours, and would like to request your support of the community campaign to restore the direct trains for all stations in West of Bankstown to City Circle.

The long-term future of Birrong Station and Yagoona Station is without Sydney Trains as indicated by the NSW Future Transport Strategy 2056.

Contact us

For enquiries and our future transport survey visit

From mid-2024, Birrong and Yagoona will never again have direct trains to Central and City Circle unless the Bankstown to City via Regents Park (and Lidcombe) train is restored on the T2 Inner West Line.

Scan the QR Code to sign the petition to Keep Our Stations Open

T3 Bankstown Line rail replacement buses

From mid-2024, the T3 Bankstown Line trains will not run between Sydenham and Birrong due to Sydney Metro works between Sydenham and Bankstown.

During this time, use alternative transport including:

  • Replacement bus services between Bankstown and Lidcombe.

  • Replacement bus services between Bankstown and Sydenham.

  • If possible, walk may be an alternative option for travel between Birrong Station and Regents Park Station due to the increased road traffic.

Allow extra travel time and use the Transport for NSW TripPlanner to see how your travel is affected.

All information is correct at the time of printing and may be subject to change. Visit for official service change updates.


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