Sydney Metro is a threat to the arts and cultural spaces in Bankstown


The NSW Government has announced that the Sydney Metro Southwest will be extended from Bankstown to Liverpool

Such extension is not compatible with the current design of Bankstown Station as an above ground interchange between Sydney Trains (from Lidcombe/Liverpool) and Sydney Metro

Despite Canterbury-Bankstown Council requesting an underground Bankstown Station, the NSW Government confirmed in late 2019 that the Metro Southwest would be completely above ground from Sydenham to Bankstown

Internal Transport for NSW documents show plans to extend the Metro Southwest line from Bankstown to Liverpool would require a tunnel portal to the west of the existing station at the current Bankstown Arts Centre site

Sydney Metro has already forced out the Canterbury Theatre Guild from its building within the former Canterbury Bowling Club site, and will soon demolish the Bankstown Arts Centre

The Bankstown Arts Centre should not be destroyed as the best way to improve transport for Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown commuters is for a digital signalling upgrade on the T3 Bankstown Line


Upgrading signalling allows trains every 2-3 minutes without converting the line into Metro

Bankstown Arts Centre (1).jpg
Bankstown Arts Centre to be acquired for
Bankstown Arts Centre to be acquired for

Page 2 indicates acquisition of current Bankstown Arts Centre site for the extension of Sydney Metro  from Bankstown to Liverpool. The option on Page 3 with an underground Bankstown Station with the tunnel dive near Stacey St has been ruled out by Sydney Metro at the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Sydenham-Bankstown line conversion (2019).

Bankstown Arts Centre to be acquired for
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