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Future Transport Survey

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Rail West of Bankstown in 2024

T3 Bankstown Line: Lidcombe to Bankstown shuttle

No Train: Liverpool to Bankstown. New Interchange at Regents Park

Map & Information provided by Transport for NSW under GIPA Act

Transport for NSW is planning for future rail and bus services for the West of Bankstown area including a number of potential new transit corridors.

Following a successful local residents' campaign against the closure of some train stations in the West of Bankstown area, Transport for NSW has announced the partial reinstatement of the former Inner West Line's City to Liverpool via Regents Park train service in 2024.

A number of changes to the existing T3 Bankstown Line have been announced for 2024 including the removal of all direct trains to City from Birrong and Yagoona as well as the removal of direct trains between Bankstown and Liverpool.

Transport for NSW has indicated that the Lidcombe to Bankstown shuttle service will be superseded in future with a new transport corridor (likely Metro) between Parramatta and Kogarah via Bankstown, resulting in the closure of Birrong and Yagoona Station (in NSW Future Transort Strategy 2056).

The NSW Government indicative route for the new Parramatta to Kogarah via Bankstown line  connects with existing services at Chester Hill before reaching the Bankstown Interchange. 


Georges River Council has provided an outline of the proposed line (which also appears to concur with Parramatta and Cumberland Council planning. However Canterbury-Bankstown Council is advocating for the new line to service Chullora (new station east of Yagoona).

Transport for NSW has announced that the extension of Sydney Metro Southwest from Bankstown to Liverpool is temporarily paused with rapid bus or trackless trams being considered as an alternative to rail services for the West of Bankstown area.

Future Transport Survey for West of Bankstown Area
Restore Inner West Line - would you like a direct train to City Circle via Lidcombe?
Save T3 Bankstown Line - do you support the removal of Sydney Trains between Sydenham and Bankstown?
Future Transport Corridor - would you like a direct link from Bankstown to Parramatta?
From Birrong and Yagoona, what is the most important destination excluding Bankstown Station?
What is your preferred transport option between Bankstown and Liverpool?
Parramatta Light Rail Network - do you support a new light rail line from Parramatta to Bankstown via South Granville, Chester Hill, and Bankstown Airport?

You will be redirected to our Save T3 petition upon submitting your survey response.

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