Save Yagoona

Update 18/7/21: Birrong and Yagoona Station to close due to new Parramatta to Kogarah via Bankstown line

Update 26/11/20: Metro will not extend to Yagoona as trackless tram/bus is being considered for Bankstown to Liverpool

Transport Minister Andrew Constance has confirmed that an extension to the Sydney Metro Southwest to Yagoona station is being considered as Bankstown may not be the ideal location for the terminal between Heavy Rail and Metro


We continue our strong opposition to the conversion of the T3 Bankstown Line.


Upgraded Heavy Rail not Metro is what’s needed. The Metro plans are plans for over-development and benefit developers not the public transport needs of the community. Yagoona is not suitable for an interchange with the lack of accessible lifts, lack of parking and lack of bus facilities.

The Metro should stop at Sydenham and proceed south along the F6 corridor instead of the motorway.

Restoring the Inner West Line to Liverpool and Bankstown via Regents Park is the public transport fix that the community needs not a Metro train that isolates stations west of Bankstown.

Like SAVE GAZZARD PARK - NO TO METRO SOUTHWEST on Facebook. Possible map of Yagoona Metro interchange with tunnels to Liverpool


Metro to Yagoona is a Trojan horse for increased high-rise. The government's future proposed extension of Metro Southwest to Liverpool would require a tunnel to be constructed from Yagoona with Gazzard Park being the likely entry point given the green space's close proximity to the station


Metro at Yagoona would likely impact on neighbouring houses especially with future extension plans to Liverpool and reduce existing car parking spaces given the need to accommodate possibly up to 4 trains side by side


Yagoona is arguably a "better" location (than Bankstown) for a cross-platform interchange (between Heavy Rail and Metro) and terminal of the Metro given the greater availability of land on either side of the existing railway station.

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