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Letter to Howard Collins (Sydney Trains Chief Executive)

Dear Mr Collins

We would like to express our disappointment at your unfamiliarity with the widely circulated letter from John Brew, Ron Christie, Bob O'Loughlin and Dick Day

Brew, Christie, O'Loughlin and Day are former Sydney rail executives that have warned against the downgrading of Sydenham to Bankstown into Metro

The former rail executives' letter to Transport for NSW dated July 2015 clearly states that the removal of Sydney Trains services on the T3 Bankstown Line will have serious adverse impacts on the entire railway network

Downgrading Sydenham to Bankstown causes "major disruption, reduction in reliability, and forces 19,000 commuters from west of Bankstown to interchange" and does little to address the challenges facing Sydney's railway network

The Sydney Morning Herald reported in December 2017 that the former rail executives concluded that Sydney Metro Southwest would be "gridlocked and unworkable"

The Save T3 Bankstown Line community action group would like to meet with you to discuss the issues raised in the letter from Brew, Christie, O'Loughlin and Day

We urge you to reconsider your position regarding Sydney Metro Southwest (Sydenham to Bankstown) in light of this information

Your Sincerely


Save T3 Bankstown Line

7 November 2019

Attachment: A report dated July 2015 about the Sydney Metro and long term transport planning (TRA 000-4002)

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