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Future Transport Strategy or Farcical Transport Strategy?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The revised NSW Future Transport Strategy (September 2022 Edition) again fails to provide clarity for West of Bankstown area commuters.

Future Transport Strategy showing Leightonfield as the current interchange on T3 Bankstown Line

With future rail services between Bankstown to Liverpool and Lidcombe once again in doubt due to Transport for NSW failing to create a draft timetable after nearly 2 years of planning, the latest Future Transport Strategy adds to this uncertainty.

Transport for NSW has demonstrated a serious lack of understanding of the current T3 Bankstown Line and locations of current stations in the West of Bankstown area.

Future Transport Strategy: Figure 13 "Existing and future passenger and freight rail network" (Page 28)

Birrong Station is the current (forced) interchange point between the Lidcombe and Liverpool branches of the T3 Bankstown Line.

However the revised Future Transport Strategy map (Figure 13) shows Leightonfield (Villawood freight intermodal) as the interchange station.

Leightonfield/Villawood Intermodal shown as current interchange on T3 Bankstown Line in Future Transpot Strategy

The latest lack of attention to detail and confusion caused by the Future Transport Strategy is a direct result of Transport for NSW refusing to undertake community consultation for the future rail timetable in the West of Bankstown area.

This is not surprising given that the NSW Government has been secretly planning to permanetly shutdown stations in the West of Bankstown area including Birrong and Yagoona.

Transport for NSW is urged to work collaboratively with the community regarding future rail in the West of Bankstown area including commencing planning for direct services to City Circle via Inner West, the Parramatta to Kogarah via Bankstown line, and any extension of Sydney Metro from Bankstown to Liverpool.

Birrong Station is now Leightonfield as per NSW Future Transport Strategy (September 2022 Edition)

Donate to our GoFundMe for "New Leightonfield Station Signage" (formerly Birrong Station)

Artists impression of Birrong Station (actual Leightonfield Station)

(Note: this is a GoFundMe for the Restore Inner West Line & Save T3 Bankstown Line community campaign with funds collected used in support of advocating for Sydney Trains services in the West of Bankstown area)

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