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Transport Administration Act loophole allows closure of Birrong and Yagoona Station

Following a complaint into Sydney Metro Southwest breaching planning approvals for works outside of the Sydenham to Bankstown corridor, Transport for NSW has confirmed that Sydney Metro has the authority to close Sydney Trains stations not being converted for Metro Southwest.

Transport for NSW initially refused to outline Sydney Metro's delegated authority to plan the closure of Sydney Trains stations in the West of Bankstown area (not being converted into Metro) and replace the Bankstown to Lidcombe to Olympic Park lines with bus or light rail or ride-share.

But following media attention regarding the proposed closure of Birrong and Yagoona Station, Transport for NSW provided a statement claiming that Sydney Metro was acting within the bounds of the Transport Administration Act.

The Transport Administration Act appears to allow Sydney Metro the same level of authority to make decisions as Transport for NSW in regards to the Sydney Trains Network, and also allows the Transport Minister to close a rail line without an Act of Parliament if the closure is deemed connected to a State Significant Infrastructure project (which Sydney Metro is classed as such).

Please write to Premier Chris Minns, Transport Minister Jo Haylen, and Auburn MP Lynda Voltz urging the NSW Government to shutdown the loopholes within the Transport Administration Act allowing Sydney Metro to close our Sydney Trains stations and also for bettter Parliamentary oversight into the future of our rail network.


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