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Metro Northwest's first week derailed by issues

With the opening of Sydney Metro on Sunday 26th May, commuters slammed the service for the large number of unresolved issues. The single-deck trains have experienced a number of technical glitches.

Despite the government's claims of a train every 4 minutes in peak, the new Metro Northwest line has been unable to meet such promised frequencies.

Trains overshooting the platform and Doors not opening

Many of the trains have ended up driving too far forward, resulting in the train having to reverse and realign itself so that the doors can line up allowing passengers to embark and disembark.

All the Metro platforms are set up with screen doors, so that the train automatically lines up with them to avoid any accidents on the tracks.

Train break down between Cherrybrook and Epping

Commuters are frustrated. Problem after problem, the new Sydney Metro service continues to fault. Not even a week of operations and yet another breakdown for the single-deck trains.

A train broke down between Cherrybrook and Epping in the afternoon due to “mechanical issues”. Passengers were advised to allow for extra travel time to work around these delays.

However, many passengers were unable to plan ahead real time data being unavailable on the Metro Northwest line. Multiple passengers have reported they have been frustrated by the lack of information regarding the train updates.

It was later reported that the train lost communication with the network’s control system.

Passengers stranded by rogue train

The morning of Friday 31st May, passengers found themselves stuck on board a Metro train at Chatswood station as the train refused to open its doors. Confused passengers waited for 5 minutes as doors refused to open. Making matters worse, the Metro train then reversed away from Chatswood station with passengers stranded.

The rogue train stops again, for yet another five minutes, after which it returns back to Chatswood. To add insult to injury, it turns back on the same line, causing chaos for passengers waiting to board the train. Passengers heading towards the city have to then disembark and go down the escalator, across the station and then back up on the other side to get on the train.

Power Failure between Rouse Hill and Hills Showground

The next day 31st May, an unexplained power failure occured between Rouse Hill and the Hills Showground. Commuters were forced onto buses, which were used to replace trains between Tallawong and Castle Hill. Although power was later restored, commuters experienced a second malfunction at the Chatswood station with another a rogue train refusing to stop.

This additional issue added to the list of things going wrong with the new Sydney Metro.

Problems continued throughout the day with a fire alarm sounding at Macquarie Park station. Passengers were forced to evacuate from trains. Services also bypassed the station until the fire alarm was resolved.

There has been a number of breakdowns during the first week of operations for the Metro.

“We’ve seen commuters forced onto replacement buses, people left stranded in between station with no information, delays and serious automatic door problems", said Alex Claassens, Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Secretary in a statement.

No Metro trains after 10pm

$7 billion was spent to get the Metro trains running however with the growing number of issues, commuters are begging the question of where all that money was spent on?

Sydney doesn't need Metro, it needs investment in double-deck trains and upgraded signalling for heavy rail lines. Sign the petition to save our T3 Bankstown Line trains:


Post written by Muhammad for Save T3 Bankstown Line

I'm an avid public transport user turned activist - looking to be part of a more sustainable future.



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